At some point in your life, you will have the need to influence someone else to get something YOU want or need.  Even more importantly, one day, you might feel compelled to encourage or inspire someone else to take action for his or her highest good.


  • You are a lawyer with the passion to convince a jury and judge of a heinous wrongful doing.
  • You’re the CEO genuinely inspiring a mass of your underperforming and unmotivated employees.
  • You might be the person encouraging the love of your life to marry you.
  • You were the single parent looking for a better job to provide for your family.
  • You could be an engineer with a genius concept and the need to “pitch” it to your team, upper management or maybe even to venture capitalists to fund your new startup.

Regardless of the scenario or intent, each of these people has the need to “sell” themselves, their ideas, products, services, or beliefs.  The bottom line is, if you are alive and breathing, you are in sales.